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Benefits of Lymph Drainage Therapy and Lymphatic Massage

The human body has twice the amount of lymph fluid circulating in the lymphatic system as it has blood in the circulatory system.  The lymphatic system is the body’s defense against illness and disease.  Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) increases lymphatic circulation and reroutes stagnant lymphatic fluid.  Clinically proven benefits include:

  1. Speeding lymphatic circulation which increases antibody/antigen contact resulting in a more active immune system – a positive preventive treatment
  2. Edemas are reduced by removal of protein-rich fluid from the extracellular tissue
  3. Removal of toxins which is helpful in maintaining breast health, fighting disease, and removing “waste” after a detox or cleanse program
  4. Reduction of inflammation
  5. Reduction of muscle spasms
  6. Reduction of some kinds of chronic pain caused by stagnant fluids
  7. Increase in parasympathetic tone and diminished sympathetic tone, the “fight or flight’ response.  This is helpful in dealing with stress, depression or sleeping disorders.
  8. Evacuation of fat content in the body
  9. Preparing tissue for cosmetic surgery, speeding recovery and minimizing scar formation
  10. A deep relaxed state
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